Our commission-based referral platform does it all.

Retinent® can help you change your organizational culture to be one of support that encourages hourly employee loyalty.

Employee referral programs are a great way to keep employees engaged and career-driven.

Our commission-based SaaS program is changing the way businesses think about referrals and retention because it creates a stable environment for growth that promotes company loyalty. The tiered system encourages employees to not only refer great workers they know, but incentivizes them to cascade that referral mentality to those around them.

Many companies spend time and money they don’t have finding candidates and replacing them when turnover becomes a problem. At the end of the day, that hurts your bottom line. Our system helps you foster within your company a feeling of accountability and growth because when your employees’ referrals work, they get paid! We have helped many companies increase their profits because when productivity increases and turnover decreases the company wins!

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