The Missing Element in Your Retention and Recruiting
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Use Our Slider to Calculate Your Pricing

We use a $.05 per hour formula. For example, if you have 100 employees working 2,500 hours weekly, your weekly fee would be $125.

Minimum weekly fee: $50. Flat $995 annual fee for companies with less than 200 employees. Flat $1995 annual fee for companies with 200-1000 employees.
For companies with over 1000 employees, please call 800-604-0360 for setup.

Included Features

  • Adjustable Bonuses: Set hourly bonuses for individualized employees or across your entire staff.

  • Custom Program: Unique goals for unique businesses.
  • Forecasts: Figure out how much your program will cost.
  • HR/Management Interface: Easily incorporate payroll and scheduling.
  • User Engagement: Your employees can see their bonuses in real-time.
  • Hourly Worker Interface: Employees can find recruits and create their own goals.
  • Easy Set Up: Sit back and let us create the program for you.
  • Video Conference Live Training: We’ll stick around to help after everything’s set up.


Retinent is the worldwide leader in retention and recruiting software for the hourly employer. We make it easier and more efficient to recruit and retain dedicated employees.

Call 800-604-0360 to schedule a demo, or complete the form.

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