Refer and retain with the easy-to-use Retinent® platform.

Turn employee referrals into a commission-based program that will incentivize employees to bring you top talent.

How does the referral system work?

Suppose John Doe, your best employee, recommends his former colleague, Jane Doe. Jane starts working for you, encouraged and mentored by John. Because of this, she sticks around long enough to refer Jill.

Retinent incentivizes this process with simple hourly bonuses. In this example, Jane might earn $0.25/hr for every hour Jill works; meanwhile, John earns $0.25/hour for every hour Jane works plus $0.05/hr for every hour Jill works for a total of $0.30/hr.


Track referrals with complete reporting metrics.

  • Top performer: week, month, quarter, year

  • Commissions paid: week, month, quarter, year, lifetime, custom date range

  • Average session duration

  • Number of logins per month

  • Individual employee commissions: week, month, quarter, year, lifetime, custom date range

  • Hours worked by connections: week, month, quarter, year, custom date range


Offer commissions from employee referrals.

Our commission program is easy to use, giving your human resource department the tools they need to track hours, report on important organizational metrics, and even scheduling! Retinent puts you in control of your commission structure so you can make it work for your organization’s budget. What you pay into the commission program should be weighed against what you save in referral and training costs, and what you gain in staff loyalty, size and growth culture.

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Plus, gain insights with scaleable tools.

Transform your employee retention and referral process.

See how you can improve your employee retention rate by 25% or more with Retinent®.

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