Strategic Thinking for a Successful Employee Retention Strategy

2018-10-29T17:32:22+00:00 October 29th, 2018|Blog, Tips|

Hiring a great staff isn’t the only key to workforce success for today’s businesses. Keeping those employees on your staff long enough to actually accomplish something – and to keep from losing money on replacing them again and again – is critical to continuing business success. Here’s what you need to know about improving your [...]

Get the Upper Hand with Online Employee Referral Software

2018-10-24T17:35:11+00:00 October 23rd, 2018|Blog, Tips|

Your workforce is the life of your company. Finding great staff members is critical to building a workforce that gets things done and facilitates growth – and to find employees who stick around long enough to see projects through to success. Unfortunately, many successful companies still struggle with the hiring process. That’s where employee referral [...]

Social Media and Employee Engagement

2018-10-15T18:31:39+00:00 September 3rd, 2018|Blog, Tips|

About 81% of Americans have a social media profile. With two hours spent on social media every day by the average person, the popularity of this platform isn't something your business can afford to ignore. If you want to improve employee engagement levels in your company, here’s why you should use it to achieve your [...]

 Improve Employee Retention

2018-09-29T10:54:24+00:00 August 20th, 2018|Blog, Tips|

Streamlining your hiring management process means working with software-makers who are HR professionals. You need expert staff who will make it easier and more efficient to recruit and retain dedicated employees. Retinent's automated commission-based recruitment and employee retention strategies will streamline the recruitment and payment process for human resource executives and payroll administrators. Our software [...]