4 Ways to Engage Hourly Employees

Businesses with hourly employees can sometimes feel like a revolving door of staff. Here are 4 ways to keep your hourly staff members engaged and retained. Stable Schedules Remember that your hourly workers have payments to make. Whether it be their debt or groceries, your hourly employees need a regular income so they can plan [...]

5 Tips for Recruiting Seasonal Workers

Seasonal employees may be temporary, but the impact and interactions they have with customers isn’t. In fact, the holidays may be the first time a customer frequents your business and the seasonal employee they interact with will be their first, and possibly last, impression of your business. Hiring seasonal workers should not be a rushed [...]

Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Landscapers

While there isn’t data on the exact percentage and statistics of landscaper turnover rates, landscaping company owners agree that keeping a consistent number of employees on their crew can be difficult. Landscaping is a labor-intensive job and often doesn’t have high pay. However, there are still strategies employers can implement to hire and keep their [...]

3 Ways to Retain Telemarketing Employees

The turnover rate for telemarketing is anywhere between 30%-45%. For comparison, the national average for all industries is 15%. Telemarking is an emotionally tolling job. Employees often face verbal abuse from those they’re calling, and those who are also making commission feel even more added pressure. Here are 3 ways you can stop your telemarketing [...]