3 Tips for Hiring Security Guards

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Security guards, or bouncers, are needed in different industries, from banks to music venues. Their turnover rate is estimated to be between 100-300%, and most leave their job within four months to a year. Employers working in the night life and high security industries are constantly hiring security guards. Here are 3 tips to make [...]

40% of Companies are Easing Their Job Requirements

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Sources:, It’s not uncommon to stumble upon memes like the ones above these days. Recent graduates and young people (20s-30s) are finding it increasingly difficult to land jobs based on experience they’ve yet to attain. It’s a frustrating cycle. People can’t find work because they lack experience, and they lack experience because they [...]

4 Reasons Hotel Workers Quit

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The hospitality industry has a high turnover rate of 31-34% for non-management employees. The national average wage for a hospitality worker is around 15.40/hr which is expected for hourly work. So why the high turnover? Here are 4 reasons hotel workers quit their jobs. Poor Scheduling Poor scheduling does more than just frustrate employees; it [...]

Fighting the Food Service Turnover

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The food service industry has one of the highest turnover rates at an incredible 72.9%. Let’s break down why, who, and how to stop it. Who’s Quitting? Turnover Rates Counter Service/Cashier: 36% Bussers, Dishwashers, and Runners: 34% Other (catering staff, sommeliers, etc.): 32% Bar Staff: 25% Managers: 23% Why Are They Quitting? Food service employees [...]