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4 Industries Hiring During Coronavirus

While economists predicted for an inevitable recession in 2020, no one could have prepared them for the Coronavirus. Because of social distancing measures to fight off the illness’s fast spread, many companies, unable to function remotely, have had to make the difficult decision of letting employees go. Unemployment applications have surged 33%. California alone has [...]

Is the American Factory Industry Dying?

What we used to refer to as “factory workers” are now commonly called “manufacturing employees.” While the name has changed, the negative perception hasn’t. Movies and television portrayed factory jobs as miserable and soul-sucking, and the generation that grew up watching still believes this today. This is causing a major recruitment issue in the manufacturing [...]

Don’t Recruit Hourly Employees the Way You Would Salary

It’s unfortunate that recruitment strategies for businesses that hire hourly workers are scarce compared to businesses that hire salaried employees. In fact, recruitment strategies are often presented as general and encompassing of all types of employees, when in reality, they’re only proven successful for businesses seeking salaried professionals. This often leads to employers looking for [...]

4 Ways to Engage Hourly Employees

Businesses with hourly employees can sometimes feel like a revolving door of staff. Here are 4 ways to keep your hourly staff members engaged and retained. Stable Schedules Remember that your hourly workers have payments to make. Whether it be their debt or groceries, your hourly employees need a regular income so they can plan [...]