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Lower turnover and build your top talent from one scalable platform. Retinent® turns your hourly employees into your best recruiting team with incentivized referrals and more.

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In today’s climate, companies with hourly employees struggle with finding the talent they need and keeping the top performers. We want to change that trend! Retinent helps solve both problems by providing a commission-based referral program that encourages your employees to bring you qualified candidates because they make money for every hour their referred and hired candidate works. We make it easy! Request a free demo to learn how!

Our employee referral process is simple and easy to use, allowing your human resource department to easily upload employee hours using our intuitive and mobile-friendly software. We do the rest!

As the population continues to grow so does the need for hourly employees. With our system you can elevate your hiring process with a commission-based referral system that’s a cost-effective, economically sustainable solution that supports your staff so that your company can focus on delivering quality service.

Our three-tier commission-based program pays employee A an hourly bonus rate for referring employee B. Then, if employee B refers employee C, both employees A and B receive a bonus.Our web and app enabled platform makes it easy for your employees to see how much they have earned and continue to earn by referring their friends, family and associates.

We reduced turnover costs for clients by an average of 27%.
Retinent increased organizational retention by 25% more than the national average.
Clients saw an average reduced turnover rate of 22%.

“Our retention rate improved from 47% to 72% – or another way to look at this is by our turnover rate – our rate went from 53% to 28%. During this time period over 20% of our hires came directly from Retinent. One employee during this time period has made over $1,200 in referral bonus dollars with several others not that far behind her.”

— Erin Ditto, Cypress HomeCare
*Based on a study of 100 employees with an average $4,200 cost per turnover.

Transform your employee retention and referral process.

See how you can improve your employee retention rate by 25% or more with Retinent®.

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